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EESL'S UJALA Scheme In India


1. What is UJALA scheme?

An ordinary bulb is an extremely energy inefficient form of lighting with Just 5% of the electricity input converted to light. There are efficient light bulbs available like LEDs Which about consume only one-tenth of energy used by ordinary bulb to provide the same or better light output. However the high cost of LED (NR 400 to 500) is the reason Why consumers do not buy LED bulbs. The UJALA on-bill financing scheme proposes to overcome the first cost barrier. Under this scheme the consumer is eligible to purchase the designated number of bulbs. at an advance cost per LED Bulb. The balance amount will be recovered from the electricity bill in his monthly instalments over a number of months. The consumer can also choose to make an upfront payment of the total amount per LED bulb.

2. How will the UJALA scheme benefit me?

The consumer will get high quality LED bulb at 1/3rd the market price. Consumer's electricity bill will reduce by about Rs. 150-250 per year with each LED, thus making the cost recovery lesser than a year. This will lead to savings in electricity and lower consumption of fossil fuels thus benefiting the environment.

3. Who is eligible to get LEDs?

Every domestic household having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company is eligible to get the LED bulbs under the UJALA Scheme.

4. Where and when can the LED bulb be procured?

The bulbs will be distributed through special counters set up at designated places in the city. These will not be available at any other location including shops etc. There will be an awareness campaign before the distribution starts to suitably inform the consumer.

5. What documents/evidence is required to be given to get LED bulbs?

The following must be provided:
(a) True copy of the latest electricity bill
(b) A copy of photo lD proof
(c) A copy of residential proof
(d) Cash advance in case of on-bill financing (balance amount recovered from the electricity bill) or full amount in case of upfront payment for each LED.

6. What if the LED bulb fuses? is a physically damaged bulb covered under warranty?

LED bulbs have very long life (> 15 years if used of 4-5 hours every day) and are not likely to fuse. However, if the LED bulb stops working due to a technical defect, EESL will providing free of cost warranty for all technical faults for three years. And the replacements shall be done through designated retail stores that will be communicated after the distribution ends. During the distribution replacements can be done through any of the distribution counters that would be operating within the city. Any EESL LED bulb can be replaced with any other company’s EESL LED bulb. Example: if a consumer took CGL’s bulb and it got fused, he can get it replaced with NTL or any other bulb procured under EESL UJALA scheme in that city/state. And, a physically damaged bulb is not covered under warranty.

7. Where can I register my complaints?

A Call Centre is active to record the complaints for non-working LEDs and a complaint redressal mechanism to rectify the same within a reasonable time is operationalized. Complaints during distribution can be addressed at our distribution agency’s customer care center number which is publicized in our advertisements and awareness drives.

8. Under UJALA Scheme, a designated bulbs will be distributed per household. in case the household has greater number of connection points or the renovation/expansion of the house is undertaken, does the household pay market price for procuring additional LED?

Through our studies we have found that a domestic household on an average has 5-6 lighting points. The major objective of UJALA scheme is to encourage consumers to use these LEDs to replace existing high wattage lamps in their household. Given the benefits of LEDs, consumers are recommended to purchase additional LEDs from the market.
disclaimer: The price in the market is reliant on the brand and quality is Independent of the price being offered under UJALA.

9. why LED? What are the advantages?

See the difference:


led under ujala: 9

CFL: 18

ICL: 100

Energy efficiency:

led under ujala: 88%

CFL: 50%

ICL: 0%

Annual cost saving in electricity bill:

led under ujala: 150-250 rupees.

CFL: 85.5 rupees.

ICL: nil.

Life expectancy:

led under ujala: 25,000

CFL: 8,000

ICL: 1,200

Free of cost warranty:

led under ujala: 3 years warranty

CFL: 1 year warranty

ICL: nil

10. is LED safe?

LEDs are completely safe and do not represent any hazard to the human eye. when compared to CHL's, LED do not have mercury and therefore have no negative impact an environment. The LEDs procured under the UJALA scheme are run through series at stringent quality tests before starting the distribution.

11. Does LED distributed under UJALA Scheme have the same lumen intensity as an incandescent bulb?

LEDs has no gases. filaments or any moving parts to fatigue. A 9W LED procured under UJALA gives the same and in most cases better lumen intensity and brightness than a 100W incandescent Lamp. The proportion of lumens that falls in an area from an LED light source is greater than that of a conventional light source.

12. Who is implementing the programme and why?

The Electricity Distribution Company and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL). a public sector body of Government of India, are implementing the programme. The main objective is to promote efficient lighting, enhance awareness about the fact that use of efficient equipment’s reduce electricity bills and help preserve environment.

13. is the LED bulb different from the other such bulbs available in the market?

Yes, each LED bulb being distributed has a unique number, logo of Electricity Distribution Company and EESL and indicated that it is made especially for this programme. The technical performance of the bulb is superior to the LED bulbs available in open market.

14. How will ensure that the consumer is getting only the designated number of LEDs?

We have a strict mechanism to restrict the iteration of the distribution and this is done with the help of the online software solution which reflects the data of the consumer with the requisite details.

15. What if the consumer says that the bulb are not received by him and is taken by his Landlord or tenant?

Purchase of LED bulbs under UJALA is subject to eligibility checks. One such crucial check is the current occupancy or residential proof. As long as the consumer presents the valid documents and the address on the electricity bill matches the address on the residential proof, the LED will be provided to him. At the time of distribution, the distribution agency is required to collect or upload (in case of door-to-door delivery) a set of documents which are stored in our distribution software. in case of any such consumer complaint, we have a retrieval system, wherein we can check for such a query/concern.

16. What if the consumer loses its warranty receipts in the span of 3 years. Will he be able to get the duplicate receipt ?

0n losing the warranty receipt, only LED bulbs with the UJALA/EESL branding shall be replaced. The consumer can file a request at the Electricity Distribution Company office or the local EESL office and in a matter of 48 hrs an arrangement for duplicate receipts would be made.

17. What if i have not paid my electricity bill in more than 3 months and want to receive the LED Bulbs ?

if the consumer is a defaulter and clear his electricity bill arrears and produces receipt of last payment, he will be eligible for UJALA scheme on producing evidence (original receipt of last payment) of the same.

18. What if l am a new consumer and my detail have not been updated in the Electricity Distribution Company database. Will i be able to avail for the scheme & receive the LED Bulbs?

if you are a new consumer, you will be able to avail for the scheme and receive the designated number of LED bulbs. This will be against the submission of all above-mentioned documents. Upfront mode of distribution will be available to new consumers. For EMi option they should get an authorization letter from the concerned DISCOM.

19. in what areas are the LEDs being distributed?

There will be phase wise distribution. The location of counters is made available through the awareness drive (leaflets, posters, advertisements etc).


At present, the prices are as follows:

9 watt LED bulb- 70 rupees

20 watt tube light- 230 rupees

50 watt 5 star ceiling fan- 1150 rupees

How much quantity you can take?

At present you can take 10 pieces of 9 watt LED bulb, 3 pieces of 20 watt tube light and 2 pieces of 50 watt ceiling fan.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Telenor suraksha free family insurance

With the latest entry of jio, the telecom operators are trying their level best in attracting the customers. After the announcement of telenor suraksha scheme in the past, again now the telenor is to be expected to announce about the free insurance scheme that is extended for the entire family members of their customers.
With the earlier scheme, the beneficiary will be the customer of telenor with whom the sim is registered with. But with this family insurance scheme the beneficiaries will be the entire family of the customer.

The official press release has not yet made but from the above screenshot it have been evident that their will be some official press release either though media or though the official website about the modified telenor suraksha scheme.
Stay with this blog for latest updates on this.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Tomato Safety Android App Download And How To Use It?

What is Tomato Safety?
Tomato is an app for your mobile which gives you alerts when your phone gets stolen by someone. It provides three tier of security to your phone,
1.Sim change notifications
2.Remotely tracking of your phone
3.Starting siren by a sms

Download It HERE

I lost my phone somewhere. How to track it?
Send a text to your phone "track (last 4 characters of your password)". If your phone is not switched off and is connected to internet, you will soon get back location updates to the "superhero numbers" you have added earlier. If you believe your phone has not been stolen and is lying somewhere near around you, try "siren whistle blower" feature.

What is different in Tomato?
The features which makes Tomato different is that it is super light - doesn't take a big bite from your phone's memory, processor or battery.

Please explain "siren whistle blower". What is it?
Suppose you misplaced your phone in your home or somewhere around you. You can try to ring your phone to locate it. Brilliant!!! But what if it is in silent mode?? Here, Tomato comes handy. Send a SMS "siren (last 4 characters of your password)". Even if your phone is in silent mode, your phone will give a loud siren sound.

Does Tomato spy on me?
No, not at all. We can assure you that we are not the "bad guys". We do not collect any user identifying information.

What is the use of this app if my phone never gets stolen?
You can catch your friends when they play prank on you by hiding your phone. In that situation the siren feature of the app comes handy.

I was thinking of changing my SIM card... Will Tomato flag that too ?
You should turn off the Tomato protection before doing that. After putting in the new SIM you can turn on the protection. Please note that if you are using a dual SIM phone the order of SIM cards does matter.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Telenor Suraksha Free Life Insurance India

Continued from the previous post - Link

What type of insurance is Telenor free life insurance?
This is a Life Insurance product. The cover is only for the life of the insured (Suicidal death is not covered nor does it cover disability/ accidental/ medical insurance).

Will death of insured due to either disease or accident be covered in this insurance?
Yes, all cases wherein the Insured couldn’t survive will be covered under this insurance. Only Suicidal death will not be covered in any case.

Why do you think it’s a great proposition?
We are the first operator to take this position as we are committed to India and believe in empowering society This comes absolutely free for our existing and new customers Also, financial security is a major concern in India and the penetration levels of life insurance are very low in comparison with global standards

Why is Telenor doing this?
Telenor India is a mass market operator, being a customer centric company with a focus on delivering additional value, Telenor felt it was a step towards keeping to our promise of full paisa vasool as our new brand promise.

Who is eligible for this telenor free life insurance?
All active Telenor India subscribers and all new customers who sign up.

Who are your partners for this scheme?
We have tied up with Sriram Life Insurance, a leading insurance provider in India and MicroEnsure.

Is there a charge/premium for this scheme?
No, this insurance is provided to all existing and new Telenor customers, who opt in, free of cost. They will have to sign up and confirm they would like to take up insurance through an easy process

Is this part of the larger strategy to offer financial services as you have already secured in principle approval for Payment banks?
Telenor India has taken a promise to offer additional value to all its customers.  As our new brand proposition we complement our Sabse Sasta position with two more – simple and fair.  In keeping with our brand proposition and ensuring more value for money to our mass market customers, we have tied up with our partners to offer Insurance which is easy to get and simple to understand.  We hope to continue extending the benefits of mobile connectivity through relevant services like insurance, payment bank and other financial services products for the mass market customers. Our aim is to deliver on Internet for All through affordable, relevant and simple services meant for the mass market consumer.

In India initiatives like Telenor life insurance is part of our endeavour to be part of the low cost financial inclusion agenda of the government. Through these services we will mitigate the risks of the people.

What is the policy document for this insurance? Who will provide that?
The customer has to sign up to be eligible for free insurance. For all policy related details please visit At the time of sign up, customer details will be validated.

Can I buy this insurance directly?
No, This insurance will be given to all Telenor customers only if they sign up and meet their recharge target.

What about new connections?
For new activations, INR 10,000 insurance cover will come as a default for the first 2 months (if the customer opts in within 7 days from activation)

If a new customer does not sign up within 7 days from activation of SIM, he/ she will not get any insurance offer for the next two calendar months. In order to activate the cover, the customer will have to sign up for insurance

What is the validity of the insurance?  
The validity of the insurance is 1 month (based on the scheme)

Does it need any medical examination for this policy? Do I need to visit your/insurance provider’s office for this?
No, this is a very simple Life Insurance policy, no medical examination is required and there is no need to visit anywhere to get insurance cover. The customer needs to opt-in and meet the monthly recharge target for getting the cover and keep the insurance valid each month.

What is the process to opt-in?
You can sign up through *121#, IVR, Call Center, your nearest retail store/retailer. If you want we can initiate the sign-up right away and you will receive a message for your consent. You just have to give your consent by replying with “1” and you will be eligible for insurance. The cover would, however, start the next calendar month only if you recharge with the required amount in the current month.

Is Insurance applicable on new SIM purchases as well?
Yes, it is applicable if the sign-up is done within 7 days of SIM activation. If the sign-up is not done within 7 days, insurance will not be applicable for next 2 calendar months.

New SIM Activation gives Rs.10K/- for 2 months, if sign-up done within 7 days.

Will I get insurance by just signing up?
No, you will become eligible for free insurance; however, you will get it only when you meet your recharge target (The cover would be valid for the next calendar month)

What is my recharge target? Who decides that and how?
Your recharge target is (inform as per CIM). This is calculated by Telenor for all customers basis your last 6 month’s recharge average.

Can I change my target?
No, you can’t change it; it is basically the average amount of your last six month’s recharges.

What do I need to do to meet the target?
You will have to recharge with this amount (inform as per CIM) to get free insurance for next month.

Is this a fixed target forever?
No, this target is applicable for 6 months, and we will calculate your target again after every 6 months

By when can I complete my recharge target?
Every month you meet your recharge target by the last date of the calendar month.

What if my recharge target is not met?
You will not get the insurance for next month

How can I get it back again or how will the renewal of this insurance will happen?
You will have to meet the recharge target in the next month to get it back in the following month. For e.g, if your recharge target for Jan’15 is not met then free insurance will not be available for Feb’15, however if you meet the recharge target for Feb’15 then Free insurance will be available in Mar’15 valid for 1 month.

What is my insurance cover amount and validity of this free insurance?
Insurance cover amount will be decided basis the total recharge done (only if the target is met) and validity will be for 1 calendar month only.  To continue the insurance in the next month, you will have to meet the recharge target for every preceding month.

Can I increase my insurance cover amount?
Yes, if you recharge more than your target amount you will get more insurance as per the product grid.

A large part of your consumers are not literate. Do you think they will be able to comprehend the service?
We have tried to make it as simple and easy to understand as possible. The customer need not worry about the documentation or the premium. In case of claim also the nominee needs to bring the SIM, Id proof and death certificate etc to initiate the process.

How do you calculate Telenor free life insurance cover amount?
It is calculated basis your overall recharge done for the month.

*Insurance will be provided on a monthly basis

What if I take high validity insurance scheme every month?
All recharges above Rs. 500 will be eligible for a high validity cover as per the table. If you recharge with any amount within the validity of your high validity cover (except the last month), it will neither impact your cover amount nor the validity. In order to continue the cover, you will need to recharge in the last month of your cover’s validity.

How will I get the benefit of this insurance?
Claims will be made in-case of mishap (death of insured person). For claims payout, insured should be covered in the month of death and the payment will be made to your nominee/who brings the required documents along-with the SIM – at the Telenor service center

How can I change the nominee?
For this you can visit the nearest store or you can tell us and we can also do it for you. You will receive a message on your phone and you will need to reply to confirm.

What information do you need for nominee?
Name of the nominee and contact details of the nominee is required (Up to 3 numbers)

Can I change the nominee details in future?
Yes, you can change the nominee details in future, if required.

When will you not give the claim to my family?
If you are not covered with insurance in the month of mishap, you will not be eligible for the claim or if you have opted-out from the insurance. Suicidal death is also not covered in Telenor Suraksha. The terms and conditions of the insurer will be valid for the payments of the claim.

Who will get the benefit?
Insurance gives cover/benefit to your family in case of any mishap; hence if something happens to you, then any member of your family can bring the documents for the claim. (claim will be made only if you are covered in that month)

What’s in it for Telenor? Do you foresee more sales and rise in ARPU?
This offer helps us to enhance the value we bring to our customers and enable us to gain loyalty among-st the customers. We aim to be the preferred telecom operator for our mass market customers. we expect that to get more strengthened with the launch of this first of its kind initiative.

What are the documents required for claiming Telenor free life insurance?
The following documents would be required in order to get the claim,

SIM card for the MSISDN, basis which insurance cover was granted to the deceased customer.
Death certificate of the deceased / Certificate from the Gram Panchayath head.
Hospital death certificate if death occurred in a hospital.
Police report in the event of accidental death or murder supported with autopsy reported, if carried out.
ID proof of the nominee is also required.
A mail from Telenor partner confirming the receipt of SIM and documents to be sent to MicroEnsure.

What if SIM card is lost?
In that case Police Complaint Copy/Acknowledgement will be required along with the documents as stated above.

How can I get to know my recharge target / insurance status / coverage amount?
All information related to Free Insurance is available on *121#, the retail stores and we can also provide the same.

How can I file a claim?
You will have to visit the nearest Telenor store along with SIM Card and the required documents. Telenor store will send an e-mail to the insurance company for claim settlement.

How long will it take to process the claim and release the amount?
Post the submission of documents to the retail stores, the TAT for processing the claim is 48 hours if there is a bank account and 7 working days if they don’t. The TAT is as per the insurance company and depends on the verification by the insurance company.

By when does the nominee have to file the claim after insured death?
Within 90 days of Insured’s death, nominee has to file a claim to be able to receive the claim amount as per eligibility.

How can I stop/deactivate this free insurance?
You will have to opt out to stop/deactivate this free insurance by calling our call center, visit our store or go online and request deactivation of insurance.

Can I get free insurance back once deactivated?
Yes, to get it back you will have to sign up again and recharge with the target amount.  You can dial *121#, IVR or through contact center, to sign up again and know your recharge target. If you want, I can do the sign up for you right away. You will receive a consent message to which you will have to send “1” as a reply

If I am insured in the current month and Opt-out from the insurance scheme, will my insurance for current month continue?
Yes, it will continue for the current month but you will not be eligible from next month onwards. To get it back you will have to sign up again.

Is there any age criteria e.g. (if customer age is more than 65 yrs then he/she would be eligible for insurance or not)?
No there is no age bar. The customer should be minimum 18 years, however, to be eligible.

Can nominee submit documents at Distributor/Retailer shop for claim insurance amount?
No, the nominee can submit the documents for claim at Retail store only.

Will customer get rebate in Tax with this insurance policy?
This is not a paid policy, hence no rebate in Tax.

What can be the maximum insurance cover amount for any customer?
Every customer is eligible to take up-to Rs 50,000 insurance cover.

What can be the maximum validity of this insurance scheme?
The maximum validity of the insurance scheme can be 1 year depending on the amount of recharge.

Can I recharge from any mode?
Yes, the recharge done from any mode except from your own main balance(STV activation via USSD) will be considered.

Will all my recharges be counted to meet recharge target?
Only STV/Top-up/Combo recharges will be considered to calculate the total recharge done in a month for free insurance.

Nominee has to submit SIM to claim the insurance amount or he can use the same SIM after claiming the insurance amount?
SIM submission is mandatory to file a claim.

What’s in it for your partners – retailers, distributors and Agents?
There is an incentive model and every time a new customer opts in, our partners will get some benefit.

How will you prevent frauds?
We, along with our partners, have done lot of ground research and study to evaluate frauds as these are bound to happen. We have already factored that in and will be able to take care of the customer with our experienced partners in this domain.

Is bank account a necessary pre requisite for reimbursement of life insurance amount in case of unfortunate incident? If yes, a large number of populace doesn’t have a bank account, how do you plan to address it?
We recognize that many of our customers do not yet have access to bank accounts. To assist we have agreed a process with the insurer, Shriram Life that claim settlements can be made by cheque and collected from the nearest Telenor Store or Shriram Branch. However, this process will take up to 7 days to complete rather than 48 hours if there is a bank account of nominee.

Once the SiM is submitted for claim can the nominee claim the SIM back or get the number issued in his / her name?
The SIM card is kept back once the claim has been registered. However, in case the nominee wants to retain the number they have to go through the normal connection activation process.

What is the premium paid by Telenor on behalf of its customers to Sriram and Microensure?
There is a complex but technical process to calculate the premium which is why we would rather not get into the amount or process.

What role is Microensure playing into this partnership?
Telenor India is a communications company and doesn’t have any expertise in insurance business. MicroEnsure works globally with insurance providers and are experts in this business. Their experience in this sector will help us serve our customers better and efficiently.

Is this insurance benefit being offered by any other Telenor Business Unit?
Something similar is happening in Telenor Pakistan and GrameenPhone too.

Why is Telenor asking customers to sign up and not give the benefit directly?
Signing up in is a process that enables us to inform and educate customer about the service and also take user’s consent for sending information on insurance and allied products.

Why is Telenor asking customers for recharge and not giving them insurance basis the existing usage?
The customer does not pay for the insurance. It is free of charge. We are asking consumers to use more services with us as we provide the best value in the market.

Why can’t the benefit of insurance start as soon as the recharge amount is done? Why do customers have to wait a month for insurance to begin?
This is part of the process and to complete the process we need a month’s time. Also, to calculate the monthly average and whether the customer has met his/her recharge target, we need a months’ time initially. After that the insurance becomes recurring.

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